Gondor, Mordor, and Rohan Runs

These events are largely for new players, but are a team effort to pull off. New players? Aren't those high level areas? Why yes, yes they are. Don't worry, we'll have our high levels clearing the way and watching your backs. :) It makes an adventurous sightseeing trip for new players, to regions they won't otherwise see for some time, and everyone gets high level loot to keep or sell. NOTE: These events are open to any player level 10+, but if you want to be sure to get your deeds for not dying before level 20, wait until level 20 to take part, as these events do come with risk despite the best efforts of our high level escorts.



Deed, Rep, and Loot Runs

Deeds and faction reputation are important, and doubly so for free players, because they grant LOTRO Points (LP, sometimes referred to as TP by players who've been around a while)-- this game's premium currency. Getting them can be a repetitive and long process if you do it alone, but if we team up we can share kill credit, multiply the loot, get done faster, and have fun while we're at it.



Skirmishes are a great source of combat experience and skirmish marks (which are quite useful). Sometimes we'll do these to push through that level that's taking forever to get. These can be done solo, but are fun in a group too!


Training Raids

Learn to handle raid mechanics, understand raid leaders' instructions, and practice working together without worrying if someone's going to tear you to shreds for making a mistake. 



Need a group for an instance? Just ask!


Retaking Pelargir

This is a very popular Epic Battle which gives good jewelry rewards, skirmish marks, and barter items that can be exchanged in Dol Amroth on our Gondor runs. We'll show new players the ropes and run them together!


Chicken Runs

Bok-Bok-Bok-Bawwwk! Become a chicken, see the world, save the Shire from encroaching wolves! Right after- Squaaak!- you escape the one that's chasing you! More fun with friends! Need I say more?


Social Events

Everything from eating contests to music fests to housing tours- Hang out, goof off, and have fun!


Kin Hide and Seek

Held on Fridays in an area designated ahead of time. Some weeks it’s actual hiding, others it’s city cameo! Locations have included Bree, Celondim, and Tol Falthui, our kin island.


Monster Mash Monday

Make a monster player (creep) and hang out with us as we quest or join a pvmp raid. Our mirror tribe is The Rage. Or, go as a freep (if vip) and hash it out with us. Friendly rivalries allowed, insulting and trolling is not. Focus is on having fun!



Level 75+, those with warsteeds gather in Harwick and ride through Rohan to take on some warbands (bosses with friends) together! 


Roving Threats

Just another form of giant tipping. ;D Get back at that RT that one shot you off the map, check off some deeds, get some barter tokens, have fun!


Community Event- Hide and Seek

Hosted by “We Happy Few” every Saturday, A riddle is given out regarding the area a certain player- Cubethanc- is hiding. He may choose anywhere in middle earth excepting layered locations, instances, and places reached by a glitch, and the difficulty of the region chosen varies by week. Prizes, which have included LP and VIP codes, are given out to those first to reach him!


Community Event- Bread and Jam

Held Friday evening through Saturday morning in front of the Prancing Pony in Bree, LOTRO bands gather to play music, and music lovers gather to listen, dance, and have fun! Swing by and check it out sometime!

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em